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Just to let you know,that I have been taking the pills [Vegepa capsules] for the last three months -and there has been a definite difference in my energy and well-being. BRILLIANT!!!!


Dear Madam, I am now taking 8 Vegepa capsules per day and as I have chronic fatigue syndrome I shall be taking them long term, probably for life. You may be interested to know that both my specialist and my GP are impressed with the […]

E.O. Manchester

Dear Sir or Madam, I recently bought one month’s supply of Vegepa for my daughter who suffers with ME. I have to say that since taking Vegepa my daughter has had her first full night’s sleep in three years, my husband and myself and family are delighted at […]

H.H., Newtonabbey

Dear Sirs, A few months ago I saw an article about the value of Vegepa – and passed this on to my daughter-in-law. She has suffered for many years from depression.   Since she has been taking your capsules [Vepepa ] the results have been […]


I have been purchasing from you for some time now your product known as Vegepa, for my daughter who since last July has been suffering fom M.E. I cannot speak too highly of your product – the change in my daughter is remarkable. She still […]

P. Norton

I have been taking Vegepa capsules for 4 months now and my energy levels have increased dramatically. I feel ‘normal’ for the first time in 14 years (I was diagnosed with CFS in December 1991). I can now go for a 2 mile walk without experiencing […]

R.E. aged 55 years, South Africa

I want to tell you how your Vegepa has improved my life. I have had clinical depression for 16 years. I started taking Vegepa on 1 July 2004. By Oct of 2004 I began to feel that the depression was lifting. By March 2005 the […]

J.B., Norfolk

For over three years I was desperately ill, suffering from depression, anxiety, panic attacks, chronic fatigue syndrome and muscle and joint pain. I was offered anti-depressants from my doctor. I was reluctant to take these as I do not like drugs of any kind. I […]

Chris, Essex

Most recent improvements which I can attribute directly to Vegepa include a massive leap forward in reading and comprehension – Matthew’s reading age must be around 12, probably 2-3 years ahead of his age, and he has a thirst for knowledge, particularly scientific. Also, his […]

J.F., Sussex

I can confirm that i was diagnosed with M.E. over four long years ago -the journey up to this point is still ongoing but occasionally along the way (in between the feelings of sheer exhaustion, acheing body and ‘foggy’ head) there are little victories. You […]

M. Sessford, Co. Durham

I am writing to tell you that I feel wonderful. Why and how, and why should you be interested? Simple really. I have been taking 8 Vegepa capsules per day since 10 June 2005; I am now in my 10th week. After over 6 months […]

A.C., West Sussex

It was the year that my dad died that I started the first of many visits to the doctors with aching muscles and chronic tiredness. To start with it was all put down to my dad’s death but after six months the symptoms became worse […]


I take your product (Vegepa) for M.E. and after just 3 weeks can see an incredible improvement in myself, I feel better than I have felt in 30 years.

J.H., Doncaster

Dear All, I am writing to let you all know how Vegepa has helped me. I have been suffering from Chronic Fatigue for 13 years and 18 months ago I thought I had finally recovered from it but unfortunately after a spell of eight months […]

T.M., Perth

Since taking Vegepa my wife and I have benefited greatly – feeling generally much healthier all around. However my daughter who is 31 has suffered severe depression for several years and has shown a remarkable recovery since taking Vegepa – she takes four each day […]