Daily archives: October 1, 2009

Melody Mackeown

Melody is a Registered Nutritionist (MSc Personalised Nutrition) and Health Coach, based in London.  Melody works with patients with chronic and often complex health conditions, via Nutritional Therapy and Health Coaching. Melody’s nutritional programmes help to reverse, prevent, and slow down disease and age-related processes […]

G.K. London

I have been suffering from intense panic attacks and depression for almost a year. I visited a few doctors and most of them (9/10) insisted that I should start taking antidepressants. I really don’t like to rely on any kind of pills or medicine and […]

Sorrel Pindar

Sorrel Pindar (BSc (Hons), Mphil) has her own osteopathy practice in Bedford town centre. She has been using the Perrin technique to treat CFS/ME patients since early 2007,  and she has successfully treated many patients with this debilitating condition. Treatment requires a long term commitment, usually […]

Anti-depression Foods

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere , our summer is over, the days are getting shorter, there’s even less sunshine and, for many of us, we start to feel the ‘gloom and doom’ associated with the cold, dark days ahead. For some people, […]

Rosie Andersen

Rosie Anderson’s Vital Health clinic provides a person-centred, integrative and holistic approach to healthcare offering effective and individualized treatment plans. Our diets not only have a direct effect on our physical well being but also influence our emotional and mental health.  Live Blood Screening gives an indication […]

Dr Yannick Pauli

Doctor of Chiropractic with specialty postgraduate training in pediatrics, chiropractic functional neurology and functional medicine. Dr Yannick Pauli is a chiropractor with postgraduate training in pediatrics, functional neurology and functional medicine. He is the Director of the Centre Wellness NeuroFit in Lausanne Switzerland. He specialises […]

Iria Kreutz-Schiller

Iria Kreutz-Schiller is a fully qualified herbalist and has trained in Herbal Medicine at the College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM) in London (3 years’ study). The College of Naturopathic Medicine focuses not only on qualifying its students to the highest standards in Western Herbal Medicine […]