Introducing Ester-C 1400mg Vitamin C 1000mg– non-acidic vitamin C with unprecedented absorption and retention

speaker: Dr danielle crida

date: february 13, 2019

As healthcare practitioners, we are well aware of the endless benefits of vitamin C in supporting immune health, antioxidant support, energy production, collagen formation, nervous system function and iron absorption. Faced with a huge array of vitamin C products, however, how can we be confident we’re recommending the best supplement to our clients? 


During R&D for our latest addition to the Igennus Healthcare Nutrition synergistic range of supplements, we were impressed by both the high absorption of Ester-C and the unprecedented uptake and retention in immune cells. Ester-C boasts an impressive 10x higher bioavailability in leukocytes, whilst its pH neutral composition means it’s also gentle on the stomach. 


In this webinar, Dr Danielle Crida discusses:  

  • A recap of vitamin C basics
  • The research that led to the production of Ester-C
  • The case for Ester-C: success in clinical use above standard vitamin C supplements
  • Practical applications and dosing

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