Natural diets for ADHD and other neurodevelopmental problems, by nutrition scientist Kyla Williams

It can often be overwhelming when making decisions on what to feed your child with ADHD while overcoming fussy eating habits and behavioural issues. Meal times should not be difficult and stressful, so here is some practical advice on what to include and certain foods to consider avoiding. Neurodevelopmental disorders […]

Feature story: Meryl & Toby Hayes

“I hadn’t realised how deficient our relationship had been” says Meryl, mother of 14 year old Toby who, for the first time, held a ‘real’ conversation with her following the start of a new treatment programme. “It was wonderful. You don’t notice these things day to day, but when Toby […]

Oxytocin Nasal Spray for Autism?

It is common for people suffering from autism to find basic social interactions difficult; looking people in the eye, for instance, is often a challenge, as is determining a person’s trustworthiness.  New research suggests that these two symptoms can be improved with the inhalation of the hormone Oxytocin – dubbed […]

Food Choices in Autism: Addressing Chemical Imbalances

The UK Autism Foundation is campaigning to raise awareness on April 2nd, the United Nations World Autism Day, calling for better education, health services, specialist speech therapy and respite care for children and their families. Amidst growing concern for the support offered to children with autism and their families, nutrition […]


Overview Autism is a brain development disorder that appears early in life, most often manifesting itself by the age of three years. In children with the condition the brain processes information differently, which can lead to stressful social situations. It affects most areas of a child’s social and psychological development […]

D.S., York

I would just like to say my son Myles aged 6, was really struggling at school throughout nursery and reception. I was constantly being pulled in for his lack of concentration, lack of attention, difficulty staying on task. I started giving him Vegepa last summer every day. Gradually from September […]

A.G., Essex

My son has borderline Asperger Syndrome which causes immense stress and frustration. We were recommended Vegepa by his doctor and he has been taking them for 3 years now and the changes in his concentration and anger are amazing.

G.M., Northants

My son and I are taking supplements and both of us noticed improvements. My son’s behaviour has improved and he is much more aware of social skills (he has ADHD and Aspergers). I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and since starting these supplements, I have found my need for pain killers […]