Feature story: Duncan Evans

The words no one wants to hear from their GP when they are called in to receive results from a blood test – “Sit down Mr Evans, I am afraid I have some bad news for you.” Having had blood tested after a very high blood pressure reading, 55-year-old Duncan […]

Duncan Evans

“I am very committed to Vegepa. Seven years ago I was diagnosed as a type two diabetic and – not surprisingly – with high blood pressure. I also ought to add I have undergone minor surgery to both knees, where the consultant suggested both were severely arthritic and I must […]

Cheryl Davis, Leicester

I have been taking OmegaForce for some time now and would thoroughly recommend it. I initially tried it after having a coronary by-pass operation and suffering with high cholesterol. I have found it keeps my cholesterol to an acceptable level without the need for statins which were upsetting me. I […]


Overview Diabetes mellitus, more commonly referred to as diabetes, is on the rise. It is a metabolic disorder classified by abnormally high blood sugar and low levels of the hormone insulin. When you eat something sweet your blood sugar levels rise quickly, triggering the release of insulin to help bring […]