Food bad for health

Dietary tips for allergies

With an increasing number of individuals ‘self-diagnosing’ allergies and intolerances to foods such as wheat and milk, it can often be confusing to really know what to include in your diet. Mixed messages can result in people commonly cutting out entire food groups including grains and dairy. Not only is […]

My 10 commandments for weight loss, by Lola Renton

You might have seen articles like this in countless high profile magazines before. “10 easy steps to weight loss”, “lose 2 stone in 2 weeks”, “follow these simple tricks to your perfect body” etc., etc. Some of you might have tried one or more bizarre suggestions, like ”drink a litre […]

Fast food and the fast route to depression

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘you are what you eat’ and the majority of us are familiar with the fact that so-called ‘junk food’ can have a major influence on our health, both short and long term. According to a recent study from Spain, this goes further than influencing susceptibility […]