Vegetarian nutrients

Dairy versus alternatives: what you need to know 2

The subject of dairy is a complex web of confusing media headlines and fad-diet led claims but here at Igennus, we’re more interested in educating our customers on validated research helping to lay bare the truth, so you can make an informed decision on whether something really is good or […]

The Fat Fallacy, by Lola Renton

For the better part of the last 50 years we have been told to stick to a low fat diet if we want to slim down, avoid heart disease and stay healthy. Fat was clearly portrayed as the devil inside, clogging up arteries and wrecking people’s lives and health. We […]

Nutrition perspective: Life in the raw

Raw vegan Ann has been a vegetarian for most of her life. Far from experiencing the health enhancing benefits usually associated with being vegetarian, Ann was borderline obese with high cholesterol, high blood pressure and dangerously high body fat. In addition, she was suffering from chronic constipation and kidney stones […]

Top five veggie nutrient needs

Vegetarians and vegans may exhibit wide diversity in their dietary practices, but they are linked by what they omit from their diet.  When a vegetarian/vegan diet is well-planned, diverse in choice and includes fortified foods, it can be nutritionally adequate, offering a wide variety of health benefits for both adults […]