Our latest customer feedback survey revealed that over 86% of our customers already have or would be very likely to recommend our supplements to friends – because our products really do work. We set out to produce the highest quality nutritional supplements to make a tangible difference to health and we are proud of the feedback we receive. Here’s a selection of our testimonials.

We’ve also started receiving product reviews and ratings at our online shop, with all of our products receiving an average of 5*. We’d encourage as many of our customers as possible to provide reviews as we are grateful for any and all feedback that helps us to continue meeting and exceeding your expectations.

Please send all comments and feedback to feedback@igennus.com. If you’ve got a story you’d like to share, you can also become a case study.

S. Watts, Kent

“My daughter, Jennifer, had been suffering from CFS for approx 6 months when we read about Vegepa being recommended by a doctor who treated sufferers of CFS. Jennifer showed a marked improvement after the first 6 weeks or so, and after 4 months was practically […]

N. Harrison, Basildon

“I have been taking Vegepa for over three years now and find it beneficial to my condition. I find a great difference in my quality of life. I take it regularly and feel able to cope with the normality of everyday life. Thank you for […]

Miss J.A. Hunt, Surrey

“Vegepa has an outstanding positive effect on my health. I have taken 4 capsules every day since May 2007.  It has stopped life threatening severe depression returning. Completely remarkable. I have not taken a mental health drug since I discovered Vegepa through the Depression Alliance. […]

N. Pycroft, Hayling Island

“About 14 months ago I succumbed to M.E. quite badly. Vegepa made an instant difference to me and within days I was improved.  Igennus service in providing me with Vegepa has been excellent and prompt. I am making a slow recovery.  Thank you.”

L. Ball, Essex

Although I suffer badly with pain, my actual joints are quite mobile. I find the Vegepa enables me to tolerate my medication easier. It helps with the anti-muscarinic effects. When I have a particularly bad day with my illness, I take an extra vegepa and […]

E. Bull, Nottingham

Service is fantastic, order online and product normally received next day. I normally take Vegepa capsules and have been for the last few years. I believe they have made a massive improvement to my ME. I still have bad times and even relapses but difference […]

Mrs G. Smith, Kent

Vegepa is the only medication that has made any difference to my daughter’s ME. From being unable to undertake a simple shopping trip she has improved to successfully complete two degrees, leave the family home and begin work as a freelancer. Her immune response has […]

Sussane Norman, Bristol

I have suffered from ME/Fibromyalgia for many years – my cognitive function and speech were affected and I suffered from “brain fog”. I read about Vegepa and thought I’d give it a try; I am glad I did. After the initial 2 or 3 months […]

Nola-Amber Smith

I used to be full of health, always active and rarely ill. Then in October 2000 after two weeks of feeling very poorly (stiffness, photophobia, headaches, loss of bodily controls, high temp etc) I was finally diagnosed and admitted to hospital with viral meningitis ……….. […]

M. J. Cook, West Sussex

With the help of high doses of Vegepa, I have gradually improved. I had been suffering from chronic fatigue following treatment for a parasite. I am currently taking 6 Vegepas daily as my life is very stressful.

M. Carter, Driffield

After having a virus in 2004 (later diagnosed as shingles affecting my mouth and ears), I have been left with ME.  Igennus’ EPAs were recommended in May 2009 by the practitioner I go to for the Perrin technique. After the virus, I went down to […]

LB, Leicester

I have noticed a vast improvement in my ME (chronic Fatigue Syndrome) symptoms since taking Vegepa capsules, and my husband also takes a couple for general well-being.

M. Jones, Morden

I had ME for about 20 years, about 5 years ago I tried Vegepa, taking 8 capsules per day, and about 4 weeks later I was fine. All symptoms of ME had gone. Only on two occasions have I felt myself returning to my old […]

Helen McNallen, Notts

When I wanted to come off my antidepressants my psychiatrist strongly recommended that I take a good omega supplement, as clinical studies have proven the benefits of fish oil in depression. EPA can significantly alleviate symptoms of depression in its most severe form. I did […]