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Top 12 tips for a happy, healthy Christmas

1 Relax, but don’t let your guard down “What the heck, it’s Christmas!” – it’s a tempting excuse but one that won’t lead you anywhere healthy! Resist the temptation to throw caution to the wind at Christmas – there are just too many opportunities to overeat and pile on those pounds that so many people […]

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The pitfalls of modern medicine

Before diving head first into a very controversial topic, I shall wet my feet by pacifying all those staunch defenders of modern medicine: I am very grateful that my family and I do not have to succumb to infectious disease any more. I am also thankful that I do not have to die of minor […]

Top 10 tips to beat colds fast

Too many late nights in a row and something going around at the office is not a great combination. If you start to get the sniffles, or perhaps your glands are starting to swell and you suddenly feel exhausted, it is likely that your body is trying very hard to fight off an infection. Whether […]

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Knee Pain

Glucosamine debate: Sulphate or Hydrochloride?

Glucosamine is the most popular supplement for joint support and it’s also well established to be an effective treatment for joint-related conditions such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.  There is an ongoing debate, however, about which form of glucosamine works better and is more efficient – sulphate or hydrochloride. Nutritionist Dr Nina Bailey explains. The […]

Signs of a leaky gut and how to deal with it 7

The idea of having a ‘leaky gut’ sounds quite out of the ordinary, and if you pay a visit to your GP mentioning that you suspect such a thing, they will probably turn you away thinking you have read an alternative medicine hypothesis for digestive symptoms. Such controversy exists with the term ‘leaky gut syndrome’, […]

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An organic truth 2

Comparing organic produce to conventional fruit and vegetables is a bit like comparing a stuffed toy to the family dog. From a distance, they both look like animals but on closer inspection we realise pretty quickly that one is an artificial, manufactured product and the other one is a real, living thing. The arguments for […]


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Feature story – Nicola Reed

For massage therapist Nicola, having a visible and uncomfortable skin condition on her arms and around her body couldn’t help but affect her confidence with clients and her ability to do her job. An avid vegetarian for the past twenty years and someone who was very considered with her diet, Nicola was confused as to […]

Staying savvy in school 2

Anyone who has ever watched a documentary about child geniuses might have stolen a glance across the lounge and wondered if their child would have the potential to be a wunderkind. Intelligence is partly inherited and there is no doubt that coaching methods, long hours of study and sometimes even pushy parents catapult their child […]

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Beta carotene Supplements

Spotlight on Ubiquinol

Ubiquinol is a powerful antioxidant with many health benefits, although it is often forgotten when considering the long list of nutrients our bodies require. With its unique energy-boosting, heart health and anti-ageing properties, it really should be in the limelight when considering our optimal health needs. The form of CoQ10 As with most supplements, there […]

Creating an alkaline pH in the body 2

A new craze seems to have swept the shores of yo-yo diet land, internet nutrition experts and food fanatics: The Acid-Alkaline Diet. After having lived through the Atkins and Paleo craze, this ‘new-found wisdom’ of pH-altering foods seems to be catching on rather quickly because a large body of research supports its effectiveness. It is […]

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Food pyramid

The shaky foundations of the traditional food pyramid 2

The traditional food pyramid is something we all remember from primary school. It has been used for decades as a tool to teach us what a balanced diet should look like. If we adhere to the basic principles of the food pyramid we can expect a long and healthy life, meeting all our nutritional requirements, […]

Achieving optimum health – ignore all advice! 2

This topic could be very straightforward. Eat your 5-a-day, have some healthy fats, say no to processed foods, reduce your sugar intake and do some exercise! I could finish this article here as I don’t want to bore you with facts you are already familiar with. After all, if achieving optimal health could be summarised […]

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