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Dietary foundations for autoimmune disease.

Autoimmune disease has rightfully earned its title as a 21st century disease. In the early eighties, many of us would have expected robots to rule the world by now and humanity defending itself against invading forces from far away galaxies; little did we know that the true enemy lies within ourselves. Our immune system has […]



Pregnancy & babies series: Eating to boost fertility

Managing to become pregnant is not always as simple as we seem to think. When trying to boost fertility, it is usual to concentrate on balancing sex hormones, but there is definitely much more to consider than just that. If you are trying to conceive, you also need to consider your mood and libido, stress […]

Weight management: how to avoid overeating 3

Fat has long been the number one enemy of serial dieters and weight loss gurus; a whole industry has been built on the foundation that ‘fat makes you fat’ and avoiding it will help you shed the pounds. Limiting your intake of greasy foods is certainly not a bad idea but saying no to fat […]



High fat diets and heart disease – what’s the latest? 1

The connection between fat consumption and heart disease is one of the most passionately discussed topics in the nutrition world today. We have been recommending low fat, low cholesterol diets to heart disease sufferers for the better part of 50 years and, instead of reducing disease risk, we are finding ourselves in the midst of […]

Fasting vs grazing

Eating little and often is frequently cited as the holy grail to health, weight loss and blood sugar balance. Nutritional therapists abide by this golden rule and it is no doubt an effective way to keep energy levels stable and hold food cravings at bay. In recent years, however, a new kid has arrived on […]


The relationship between food and mood

Diet and mood have a very close relationship. This may be surprising for some, yet quite logical when considering the physiology of the human brain and how this determines our feelings of joy and excitement or feelings of sadness, despair and hopelessness. There are many mood enhancing foods out there to give the brain all […]

Tips for managing stress 1

Stress is a vicious circle. The more life throws at us, the less time we have to concentrate on the things that are truly important – like our health. During testing times, when the body needs the most nourishment, our healthy eating habits are easily sabotaged by convenience foods and the gym becomes a distant […]

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Foods to beat the bloat – keep your stomach flat & pain free

That heavy feeling after a large meal, followed by a huge bloated gut, is not exactly the nicest feeling and it can certainly cause discomfort. If you regularly experience symptoms associated with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) including bloating, belching, indigestion, abdominal pain, diarrhoea, constipation and a distended gut, you may be in need of a […]

Are grains the enemy? 4

With the paleo diet recently taking headlines amongst the health conscious, grain-free diets have certainly become very popular. But why do some individuals consider grains to be so bad for us? We have been consuming these grains for thousands of years, so surely they are fine to eat? The truth about grains, however, is not […]

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Better butter than any old oils 6

Did you ever find yourself daydreaming about a nice bit of lard? Maybe you were overcome by a craving for animal fat, slowly melting in a pan? No? Well, understandably so. Large amounts of fat or oil are not considered a palatable food but more than anything else, you could literally watch your arteries clog […]

Transform how you feel with MindCare advanced brain nutrition 2

Too many people don’t obtain the full spectrum of important nutrients to safeguard their brain health. Whether we are struggling to concentrate at work, or feel overwhelmed with stress that results in low mood, nutrition can have a huge impact on the way our brain functions and how we feel. Protecting our delicate brain against […]

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10 reasons to quit sugar! 10

Sugar has now firmly replaced fat as the number one diet enemy; carbohydrates in particular are seen as the devil in disguise. Is this just another fad celebrity diet craze or is there some truth to extracting our sweet tooth? In all honesty, and according to recent, cutting edge research, giving up sugar is the […]

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Beat the afternoon energy lows naturally

It’s 3pm and the huge pile of work on your desk seems unachievable, just as your body has decided to go into sleep mode, with energy levels hitting rock bottom. Sound familiar? If you get the low energy slump after lunch, there is often an easy explanation for what your body is playing at, and […]

You are what you digest 4

A certain (Dr) Gillian McKeith published a book a while ago entitled “You are what you eat”. Following an even more popular TV show of the same name, the phrase gained immense popularity but as it turns out, ‘The Poo Lady’ (as she also came to be known) was not quite right. Obviously someone who […]

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