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Be kind supplements are physician-formulated with care, to support every stage of your family's health journey. Our nutrition scientists and in-house doctor develop supplements to optimise your family's daily nutrition, based on scientific research. We carefully select the highest quality, most absorbable and bioactive forms of each nutrient to ensure that you get the most out of every dose, with no unpleasant additives or irritants. Kindness in every serving.

The first supplement in the range delivers a bioavailable and effective multivitamin for pregnant mothers.

Multi for women

Be kind Advanced Prenatal Vitamins & Minerals

Our clean-label prenatal delivers nutrients in their most absorbable, safe and gentle forms, and at doses necessary to meet the increased nutrient requirements of pregnancy and three months postnatal.

Multi for women

Be kind Advanced Kids Multivitamin

Delivers 13 important nutrients in a tasty sugar-free gummy, to nourish and nurture growing children. Each gummy delivers a meaningful top-up of active B-vitamins, A, C, D and E, plus choline, iodine, inositol and zinc. 

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