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Lack of energy and vitality can be caused by a wide range of factors, including lifestyle, stress, environment and nutritional status. The following supplements are aimed at replenishing nutrients to support energy metabolism, the reduction of tiredness and fatigue and homocysteine regulation.

Super B-Complex

Super B-Complex

The body relies on a constant supply of B-vitamins to support the production of energy. Super B-Complex provides a high potency blend of bioavailable B-vitamins & vitamin C. Sustained-release tablets & split dosing provide all-day nutrient coverage.

Super B-Complex Effervescent delivers the same formula in liquid format.

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Nutrition protocol

Our team of qualified nutritionists recommend the following supplements:

Everyday wellbeing

Intensive support


Advanced Multivitamin & Minerals + vg *

Ideal for: supporting energy production using the most active forms of key nutrients

Super B-Complex, or Super B-Complex Effervescent vg *

Ideal for: supporting energy production

Triple Magnesium Complex vg

Ideal for: facilitating the activity of ATP, the body’s energy currency

Additional supportive nutrients

CoQsol-CF® CoQ10 100mg

Ideal for: supporting energy production

Super Vitamin C Complex vg

Ideal for: supporting energy production

VESIsorb Ubiquinol-QH

Ideal for: those over 50, with a chronic health condition or during statin use as an intensive alternative to CoQsol-CF® CoQ10 to support energy production

Super B12-Complex vg

Ideal for: providing high absorption B12 to support energy production for those with B12 deficiency

Iron Bisglycinate vg

Ideal for: providing high absorption iron to support energy production for those with iron deficiency

+ Advanced Multivitamin & Minerals with Iron (most suited to pre-menopausal women) or, Advanced Multivitamin & Minerals for Men (also suitable for women seeking an iron-free multivitamin)

vg certified vegan

* not to be taken together at full dose as will exceed the daily limit of B6 (25 micrograms)

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