Migraine support

Migraine is a complex disorder with several causes, hence a particular strategy will not work for all migraineurs. For best results, try new methods consistently for at least 2 months before evaluating benefits. Keeping a migraine diary is helpful to track progress and identify triggers.

Triple Magnesium Complex

Triple Magnesium Complex

Ideal for providing migraine relief and supporting cognitive function, Triple Magnesium Complex is an advanced blend of high-absorption magnesium citrate, taurate and bisglycinate chelate, formulated by expert nutrition scientists and our resident doctor, to optimise magnesium absorption for intensive support.

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Nutrition protocol

Our team of qualified nutritionists recommend the following supplements:

Everyday wellbeing

Intensive support


Advanced Multivitamin & Minerals vg + *

Ideal for: providing essential nutrients often recommended in migraine support, including B-vitamins, vitamins C, D & E and zinc

Wild Fish Oil^

Ideal for: increasing the omega-3:6 ratio which may reduce migraine duration and severity

Triple Magnesium Complex vg

Ideal for: delivering high absorption magnesium to provide migraine relief and support cognitive function

Additional supportive nutrients

Daily Vitamin D3 ^ **

Ideal for: topping up suboptimal levels which are prevalent in migraineurs

Try for 2-3 months and evaluate benefit:

VESIsorb Ubiquinol-QH

Ideal for: providing therapeutic CoQ10 blood levels which may decrease migraine frequency

Super B-Complex vg 

Ideal for: supporting mitochondrial function and homocysteine recycling, both of which are involved in migraine prevention

Super Vitamin C Complex vg

Ideal for: reducing oxidative stress to lower neurological inflammation

High Absorption Zinc Complex vg *

Ideal for: topping up sub-optimal status which may reduce the frequency, duration and severity of migraine attacks

Iron Bisglycinate vg ***

Ideal for: those with low iron stores which is often associated with migraines

vg certified vegan

^ Vegan alternative available

+ Advanced Multivitamin & Minerals with Iron (most suited to pre-menopausal women) or, Advanced Multivitamin & Minerals for Men (also suitable for women seeking an iron-free multivitamin)

* not to be taken together at full dose as will exceed the daily limit of B6 (25 micrograms) / zinc

** top up as needed to maintain optimal levels, especially during winter

*** for those diagnosed as iron deficient