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Joint and bone conditions can be debilitating and often difficult to treat. Supplements to support or restore bone and joint health are aimed at providing key nutrients essential for supporting collagen synthesis and maintaining bone mineral density.

Calcium & Magnesium marine mineral complex

Calcium & Magnesium Algae Mineral Complex

Calcium & Magnesium Mineral Complex is a complete musculoskeletal formula providing absorbable calcium and soluble magnesium enhanced with co-factors boron, vitamin D3 & K2. The super-absorbable plant-based forms protect musculoskeletal health from ageing and wear & tear.

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Nutrition protocol

Our team of qualified nutritionists recommend the following supplements:

Everyday wellbeing

Intensive support

Joint support only


Ideal for: providing anti-inflammatory support, and enhancing collagen synthesis to alleviate aching joints

High Absorption Curcumin C3 Complex® vg

Ideal for: providing everyday anti-inflammatory support for aching joints

Double dose Omegaflex

Longvida Optimised Curcumin vg

Ideal for: providing potent anti-inflammatory support for aching joints

Bone and joint support

Advanced Hydrolysed Collagen Peptides ^

Ideal for: giving strength to bones and tendons

Daily Vitamin D3 ^

Ideal for: supporting the body’s use of calcium and the health of bones and joints

Calcium & Magnesium Algae Mineral Complex vg

Ideal for: supporting bone growth and healing, bone mineral density and muscle function

Super Vitamin C Complex vg

Ideal for: promoting collagen production for healthy joints, as well as supporting bone health

vg certified vegan

^ Vegan alternative available

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