Hormonal support

If your hormones are out of balance, it is vital to provide your body with the nutritional building blocks to support hormone production, signaling and transportation.

Neurobalalance supports healthy hormones

Neurobalance Zinc, Magnesium & B6

Ideal for the production of healthy hormones, Neurobalance has been expertly formulated by Igennus nutrition scientists to deliver just the right daily doses of nutrients, in their most bioavailable forms, into the bloodstream. Each of the nutrients is provided at clinically effective levels but lower than upper limits. 

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Nutrition protocol

Our team of qualified nutritionists recommend the following supplements:

Everyday wellbeing

Intensive support


Advanced Multivitamin & Minerals + vg *

Ideal for: providing key nutrients to support the production of healthy hormones

Omega-3 Fish Oil plus D3 ^

Ideal for: providing long-chain omega-3 for inflammatory support


Ideal for: regulating inflammatory levels to support period pains and balancing hormones

Additional supportive nutrients

Daily Vitamin D3 ^

Ideal for: supporting hormone production in those who do not get 30 minutes of sun exposure every day

Neurobalance Zinc & Magnesium vg *

Ideal for: boosting zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6 intake for the production and healthy balance of hormone

Triple Magnesium Complex vg

Ideal for: delivering high potency magnesium for muscle relaxation to aid cramps, and normal psychological function

High Absorption Zinc Complex vg *

Ideal for: delivering high potency zinc for healthy hormone production, conversion, transportation and signalling

+ Advanced Multivitamin & Minerals with Iron (most suited to pre-menopausal women) or, Advanced Multivitamin & Minerals for Men (also suitable for women seeking an iron-free multivitamin)

vg certified vegan

^ Vegan alternative available

* not to be taken together at full dose as not to exceed daily limits for zinc

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