Welcome to Igennus Healthcare Nutrition

If you’re seeking natural effective nutrition supplements to optimise your health, you’re in the right place. We are a family run company that specialises in developing exceptional quality nutrition supplements formulated according to scientific research and shown to be clinically effective. For the first ten years we specialised exclusively in omega-3 fatty acids; our pioneering formulations were primarily used in clinical nutrition, for which we are proud to say we attracted international press coverage, involvement in clinical trials and collaborations with leading research institutions. As our small team has grown we have taken our nutrition science expertise and expanded slightly our range of nutrition supplements to include those formulated for everyday wellbeing. Despite being nutrition and food aficionados, we are the first to acknowledge that it’s pretty challenging to eat home-cooked organic, seasonal, local food all of the time and there may be gaps in our daily nutrition. Whether you are looking to restore good health or optimise how you feel, we have a selection of natural health supplements to support you and our in-house nutritionists are available to advise which products are optimal for your needs.

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