Great for: bone growth and healing, bone mineral density, dental health, muscle function, joints

Formula update: delivers the same amount of calcium & magnesium with a boosted dose of vitamins D3 & K2 in 2 tablets (previously 3 capsules); same 30-day supply

Calcium & Magnesium Algae Mineral Complex is an all-natural wholefood source of plant-based calcium and magnesium in a 2:1 ratio, with vitamin D3, K2 & boron as cofactors. This supplement features high absorption nutrients in optimal doses and balanced ratios, providing all-round support for bone health, teeth and muscles. Derived from algae and mineral-rich seawater, Aquamin® mineral complex also offers naturally occurring trace minerals including selenium and zinc.

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Igennus nutrition scientists carefully formulated a 2:1 calcium to magnesium ratio at meaningful doses, essential for long-term musculoskeletal health. Split dosing boosts absorption


Boron reduces calcium & magnesium excretion; vitamin D3 supports bone-building activity; vitamin K2 all-trans MK7 transports calcium to bone, preventing artery build-up


Raw algae calcium is 45% more soluble than calcium carbonate from rock. Magnesium from mineral-rich seawater offers superior absorption. Active D3 form. All-trans K2 MK-7. Optimal 3mg boron dose


Calcium & vitamin D support bone growth, development & strength. Calcium & magnesium support muscle function. Calcium, magnesium & vitamin D help to maintain healthy teeth


UK GMP Manufactured. Hypoallergenic; free from gluten, wheat, dairy, lactose, soya, artificial colours & flavours. Compatible with halal & kosher diets


Highly absorbable forms of calcium and magnesium with synergistic benefits from vitamin D, vitamin K2 and boron, with naturally occurring trace minerals such as zinc & selenium


Igennus nutritionists have thoroughly researched the correct ratios and doses to support the health of bones, muscles and teeth


Highly absorbable raw calcium sourced from red algae is heart-friendly, unlike calcium derived from crushed rock


Calcium from Icelandic red algae and ultra pure, magnesium-rich Irish seawater


Free from dairy, gluten, lactose, soya, salt and yeast. No synthetic fillers. Suitable for vegetarians & vegans and compatible with halal and kosher diets

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Calcium & Magnesium Algae Mineral Complex is an all-natural wholefood source of plant-based calcium and magnesium in a 2:1 ratio, with vitamin D3, K2 & boron as cofactors. This supplement features high absorption nutrients in optimal doses and balanced ratios, providing all-round support for bone health, teeth and muscles. Derived from algae and mineral-rich seawater, Aquamin® mineral complex also offers naturally occurring trace minerals including selenium and zinc.

Each bottle contains 60 tablets, which is a 30-day supply at the standard dose of 2 tablets daily.

Adults and children aged 12+: 2 tablets daily with food. For optimal absorption, divide the daily dose between morning and evening. Do not exceed the stated dose.

Ingredients: Aquamin® Mineral Complex; bulking agents: microcrystalline cellulose, hydroxypropyl cellulose; anti-caking agent: ascorbyl palmitate; vitamin K2 (menaquinone all-trans MK-7); boric acid; glazing agents: hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, glycerine; vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol).

This product should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Seek professional medical advice before taking any food supplement if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, or taking medication. Not recommended for people taking blood thinners. Keep out of the reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. 

This product is not made with any ingredients containing gluten, wheat, dairy, soya, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts or peanuts. Our manufacturing facilities have strict allergen management procedures in place, however we cannot guarantee that our products are made in allergen-free facilities without the very small risk of trace amounts of cross contamination.

No artificial colours or flavours; not tested on animals; non-GMO; suitable for vegetarians & vegans; compatible with halal & kosher diets.

We often get asked many questions about our products, so our nutritionists have compiled this downloadable product information guide to ensure you get the most from taking Calcium & Magnesium Complex. Find out when to take it, at what dose and how to maximise absorption for optimum results.

Calcium & Magnesium

Optimal 2:1 algae calcium and magnesium

Calcium Magnesium Marine Mineral Complex provides an optimal calcium to magnesium ratio of 2:1 for long-term health. We use Aquamin marine algae sourced from Iceland, an all-natural, wholefood source of calcium and magnesium. With its honeycomb-like cytoskeleton, it looks more like coral than algae, absorbing calcium, magnesium and trace minerals, including zinc and selenium, throughout its growth phase. The algae then breaks down naturally and settles on the seabed, from where it is collected using an organic and sustainable harvesting process. Marine magnesium is created by filtering pure seawater collected off the Irish coast, removing any impurities while retaining concentrated, natural magnesium. All raw materials are analysed for contaminants, including heavy metals.

Calcium & Magnesium

Enhanced co-factor support from boron, vitamin D3 & K2

Vitamin D helps the body absorb more calcium from the gut. vitamin K2 MK-7 distributes calcium into bones. Importantly, this keeps calcium out of soft tissues. Magnesium assists with calcium transport and promotes its movement into in bones. Working hand-in-hand, vitamin D enhances magnesium absorption, while magnesium is essential for converting vitamin D to its active form. Boron supports the absorption of calcium and magnesium and decreases their excretion. It also directly stimulates cells that build bone and increases vitamin D absorption.

Calcium & Magnesium

Absorbable & plant-based nutrient forms

Calcium sourced from Icelandic red algae & mineral-rich seawater provides a safe, bioavailable alternative to calcium carbonate, with absorbable magnesium. Due to the algae’s porous, honeycomb structure, it is more easily digested and absorbed than standard calcium carbonate derived from rock. The magnesium content is further boosted by the addition of Aquamin magnesium, a purified, concentrated seawater extract – high in elemental magnesium with excellent gut solubility and uptake. We include vitamin D in the bioactive D3 form sourced from algae, which is environmentally friendly and sustainable. This balanced mineral complex also features naturally-occurring trace minerals, including selenium and zinc.

Calcium & Magnesium

Healthy ageing

Age-related loss of bone mineral density affects both men and women, highlighting the importance of maintaining healthy bones by ensuring adequate calcium, magnesium, vitamin D & K intake.

Together with calcium, magnesium contributes to energy production, as well as assisting with nervous system function. Calcium, magnesium and vitamins D & K support numerous biochemical reactions in the body, from the normal function of digestive enzymes, normal blood clotting, and cell division and specialisation.

Calcium & Magnesium

Bone health

It’s never too early or late to focus on good bone health by ensuring an adequate intake of calcium, magnesium, vitamin D and vitamin K. We reach peak bone density around age 30 and lose about 1% each year thereafter. Bone loss accelerates post-menopause, making it especially important for women over the age of 50 to reduce the loss of bone mineral density through adequate calcium intake.

In children, calcium and vitamin D are needed for normal growth and development of bones.

Calcium & Magnesium


Calcium, magnesium and vitamin D all contribute to maintaining healthy teeth, the foundation of a great smile. If you want to target dental health, this balanced and synergistic formula is ideal, with key nutrients, such as calcium, magnesium and vitamins D & K, in optimal doses and ratios. Adequate calcium intake from food or supplements is key, but vitamin D also contributes to normal absorption of calcium and, thus, is important for normal blood calcium levels.

Calcium & Magnesium

Muscle function

For physical activity, muscles and bones must function optimally or you may suffer from muscle stiffness and cramps after a workout. Calcium, magnesium and vitamin D all contribute to the maintenance of bones and muscle function. Strenuous exercise requires increased magnesium intake, but Western diets are often low in magnesium. Calcium and magnesium are needed for energy production and to reduce tiredness and fatigue. Magnesium contributes to maintaining electrolyte balance and protein synthesis, with adequate protein needed to support muscle growth.

Be kind to your health

“We are living in a rapidly changing world that challenges us in new and unexpected ways. We believe evidence-based nutrition has an important role to play in helping us to protect and boost our wellbeing. At Igennus we empower people who are committed to investing in their health with high impact nutrition to lead a healthier and fuller life. Our supplements are expertly formulated by our in-house nutrition scientists to achieve superior bioavailability for maximum impact on your health."

Dr Jav Nazemi

CEO & Co-Founder