Sleep-supporting supplements should contain nutrients that promote relaxation and support the production of essential neurotransmitters.

triple magnesium complex

Triple Magnesium Complex

Ideal for calming nerves and muscles and supporting the production of melatonin. Triple Magnesium Complex is an advanced blend of high absorption magnesium citrate, taurate and bisglycinate chelate, formulated by expert nutrition scientists and our resident doctor, to optimise magnesium absorption for intensive support.

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Nutrition protocol

Our team of qualified nutritionists recommend the following supplements:

Everyday wellbeing

Intensive support


MindCare BALANCE *

Ideal for: supporting the production, secretion and function of the sleep hormone melatonin and promoting a sense of relaxation

Neurobalance Zinc & Magnesium vg *

Ideal for: supporting the production of melatonin to support sleep and dopamine to promote a sense of relaxation

Additional supportive nutrients

Calcium & Magnesium Marine Mineral Complex vg

Ideal: providing essential minerals for high-quality sleep


Triple Magnesium Complex vg

Ideal for: calming nerves and muscles and supporting the production of melatonin

vg certified vegan

* not to be taken together at full dose as not to exceed the daily limit for vitamin B6 and zinc

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