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Although plenty of foods contain zinc, dietary bioavailability varies considerably, and many still fall short of the recommended daily intake. Oxalates and phytates, naturally occurring compounds found in high amounts in grains, seeds, nuts and legumes, can bind to zinc and thus reduce absorption in the gut, making it challenging to absorb sufficient amounts when following a plant-based diet. Dietary zinc absorption also relies on optimal stomach pH levels and healthy digestion. Therefore, those suffering from digestive dysfunction may find it difficult to maintain adequate zinc status.

We utilise fully-reacted and chelated zinc forms in our supplements for efficient delivery to cells. Zinc picolinate and bisglycinate overcome digestive challenges, are well tolerated and are able to effectively elevate zinc levels 40% higher than standard zinc forms (including gluconate). 


High Absorption Zinc Complex

Zinc Complex

For intensive support, High Absorption Zinc Complex delivers zinc picolinate and bisglycinate, targeting multiple uptake pathways for increased bioavailability. Balanced with copper for safe long-term use. 

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