Great for: determining which omega-3 supplement to take and at what dose


Just like knowing your blood pressure and cholesterol levels, knowing your omega status is important for an accurate snapshot of current and predicted future health. Almost all of us have sub-optimal omega levels, but unless you take the test, you won’t know yours. By taking simple steps personalised to your current omega status, you could lower your risk of having a heart attack or stroke, or developing other chronic inflammatory conditions. It’s not just about taking an omega product, it’s about knowing which product is right for you and what dose to take.  



  • Your omega-3 Index: a marker of cardiovascular risk
  • Your omega-6 to omega-3 ratio: a marker of chronic illness
  • Your AA to EPA ratio: a marker of ’silent’ or chronic inflammation
  • Your personalised omega-3 product recommendation
  • Your personalised omega-3 dose recommendation


  • Those wanting to maintain optimal health
  • Those wanting to monitor their response to omega supplementation
  • Those with chronic illness wanting to know whether a poor omega status may be causing or even worsening their condition
  • Pregnant women or those planning pregnancy, to ensure optimal health 


The Opti-O-3 test includes a comprehensive report but no longer includes a 20-minute consultation; the RRP has been reduced from £120.00 to £90.00 to reflect this. 

Your completed test must arrive back at Igennus within 48 hours of taking the test. For this reason, we advise the Opti-O-3 test is only suitable for those people who live in mainland UK.   

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  • Directions

The cause of omega-6 to omega-3 imbalance

Pre settled-agriculture, the natural human diet included a range of animal and marine products, plants, nuts and seeds that contained a broad spectrum of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, producing an omega-6 to omega-3 ratio of approximately 2:1. The Western diet now typically has an abundance of omega-6-rich grains, cereals and vegetable oils (also used in most animal feeds), such that the average westerner consumes 15-20 times more omega-6 than omega-3. This imbalance is associated with a wide range of long-term health risks and has profound consequences for the heart, immune system, brain function and mood, central nervous system, skin and joint & bone health. 


Omega-3 index, biomarkers & long-term health

The key inflammatory biomarkers we test for are scientifically established markers of long-term health. Optimal omega status has been shown to help: 

  • Regulate inflammation
  • Support immune function
  • Support cardiovascular health
  • Support cognitive function
  • Support healthy mood
  • Support energy production
  • Support eye health 

How will you benefit from the Opti-O-3 fatty acid profile? 


The amount of omega-3 fatty acids required in the diet to combat deficiency or to provide therapeutic support for a clinical condition is difficult to define precisely, because omega-3 requirements are unique to each individual and are influenced by a number of factors, including diet and lifestyle. Whilst supplementing with omega-3 should result in an increase within cell membranes, there is considerable variation in response, with body weight being the strongest influencer. 

Dose guidelines on product packaging are generalised and cannot take into account the various influencing factors. To ensure you are taking the correct dose of omega-3 according to your ongoing needs, we recommend taking the test prior to high dose omega-3 supplementation and again at 6-12 months to monitor progress. 


What does the test involve? 


The test can be completed at home. Using the small single-use lancet (finger-pricking device) supplied, a few drops of blood are taken from a finger, dried on a filter paper and posted to our laboratory.

How do you interpret the results?

If you are taking this test on the recommendation of your healthcare practitioner, we recommend arranging a consultation with them to discuss your results and next steps. If you are not under the care of a qualified health practitioner, your results and recommendations will be emailed to you.

The cost of returning the blood sample to us is your responsibility - we strongly recommend using Royal Mail Special Delivery or a courier. Results will be sent within 14 days. For more information on the Opti-O-3 test, speak to our customer support team or a nutritionist on 01223 421434, email info@igennus.com or send us your question on live chat

The test can be completed at home. Using the small single-use lancet (finger pricking device) supplied, a few drops of blood are taken from a finger, dried on a filter paper and posted to our laboratory.

Customer feedback

Thorough test everything as expected

I like the fact it clearly shows the ratio of the AA to EPA and also showed the ratios of the other fats. They gave me useful advice too. A highly recommended product.

D. Hand

I was recommended to Igennus and the products a little while ago

I am an ME/CFS patient. I was recommended to Igennus and the products a little while ago. Since then, I have found the family run firm to be efficient, friendly and very knowledgeable. There is also a nutritionist on hand to answer all my questions. The Igennus Opti-0-3 test has been very beneficial to me because it highlights my particular requirements. I am now confident that I am not taking anything that is not necessary. 

E. Barker

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