When considering supplements and vitamins for fertility, it is essential to focus on both male and female health.

VESIsorb Ubiquinol supports fertility

VESIsorb Ubiquinol-QH

Rapid-action VESIsorb® Ubiquinol-QH is the most advanced Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) supplement available. Its fast-track patented VESIsorb® delivery system ‘pre-digests’ ubiquinol for unprecedented absorption and achieves therapeutic blood levels with a single 100mg dose. Ideal for both men and women: protecting cells from oxidative stress (including egg cells); supporting sperm count and motility for men.

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Nutrition protocol

Our team of qualified nutritionists recommend the following supplements:


CoQsol-CF® CoQ10 100mg

Ideal for: male and female-providing protection to cells from oxidative stress (including egg cells); male-supporting sperm count and motility

VESIsorb® Ubiquinol-QH
Ideal for: those over the age of 35 as an intensive alternative to CoQsol-CF® CoQ10 100mg

Additional supportive nutrients

Omega-3 Wild Fish Oil ^

Ideal for: supporting the health of cells, blood flow, balancing inflammation and supporting the structure and function of the reproductive system and hormone production in both men and women

Advanced Multivitamin & Minerals vg + *

Ideal for: replenishing vital nutrients important in fertility, supporting healthy hormones and neurotransmitter production

High Absorption Zinc Complex vg *

Ideal for: supporting the production of sex hormones and supporting sperm count for men and ovulation in women

+ Advanced Multivitamin & Minerals with Iron (most suited to pre-menopausal women) or, Advanced Multivitamin & Minerals for Men (also suitable for women seeking an iron-free multivitamin)

vg certified vegan

^ Vegan alternative available

* not to be taken together at full dose as not to exceed daily limits for zinc

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