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Popular with: the ‘health conscious’ and anyone who wants an extra level of protection against free radical damage, for-long term health support.

Astaxanthin belongs to a family of antioxidants called carotenoids – found naturally in the microalgae Haematococcus pluvialis (H. pluvialis) – the same algae responsible for the pink-red pigmentation of wild salmon and crustaceans (and even the feathers of flamingos!). 

Considered the ‘king’ of antioxidants, astaxanthin provides protection to the cells of the body from oxidative stress, which occurs when free radicals are produced (such as after exposure to pollution, exercise, poor diet, illness, stress, alcohol consumption and smoking).

As one of nature’s most potent antioxidants, astaxanthin provides protection to the whole cell, with broad-reaching effects throughout the entire body. Its ability to quench free radicals is 6000 times greater than vitamin C and 550 times that of vitamin E.

Studies have demonstrated astaxanthin’s ability to support exercise metabolism, performance and recovery; improve skin elasticity, texture and moisture content and reduce the appearance of ‘crow’s feet’; protect the muscle tissue of the heart; protect against atherosclerosis; improve the function of the eye for those with eye strain complaints; and boost immunity.

AstaPure Astaxanthin from Igennus provides a unique carotenoid complex from 100% natural and sustainable algae, produced in a climate-controlled closed system in the Arava desert. The result is an exceptionally pure microalgae with high active-ingredient content and a beneficial complex of astaxanthin, lutein, canthaxanthin, zeaxanthin and beta-carotene, as well as amino acids and fatty acids, which together enhance bioavailability and offer a broad range of health benefits. Just one capsule provides the same amount of astaxanthin found in 7 portions of wild salmon!


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  • Pure & Essential AstaPure Astaxanthin Complex, 4 mg astaxanthin from 42 mg Astapure, 90 capsules
    Pure & Essential AstaPure Astaxanthin Complex, 4 mg astaxanthin from 42 mg Astapure, 90 capsules
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