Over 50s health

Healthy ageing is something we should all aspire to. Supplements supporting cognitive function, energy production and the health of joints and bones are all essential for over 50s health.

Pharmepa Complete


Ideal for supporting cognitive function, muscle mass and bone strength, and supporting eye function. Pharmepa COMPLETE is more than 2.5x the strength of ordinary fish oil. Containing 80% omega-3 concentrate, it is an excellent source of both EPA and DHA with complete balance of 668mg EPA, 334mg DHA and 40mg GLA for intensive long term health support.

VESIsorb Ubiquinol-QH

Ideal for restoring or boosting energy, managing heart health, boosting brain function, supporting active lifestyles and for adults over the age of 40 whose ability to produce ubiquinol significantly declines with ageRapid-action VESIsorb® Ubiquinol-QH is the most advanced Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) supplement available. Its fast-track patented VESIsorb® delivery system ‘pre-digests’ ubiquinol for unprecedented absorption and achieves therapeutic blood levels with a single 100mg dose.

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Nutrition protocol

Our team of qualified nutritionists recommend the following supplements:

Everyday wellbeing

Intensive support


Super Concentrated Omega-3 Wild Fish Oil & Vitamin D3 ^

Ideal for: protecting the brain’s structure and function, protecting against inflammation and oxidative stress


Ideal for: supporting cognitive function, muscle mass and bone strength; supporting eye function

Calcium & Magnesium Marine Mineral Complex vg

Ideal for: supporting the age-related decline in bone mass, dental health and muscle function

Additional supportive nutrients

Advanced Hydrolysed Collagen Peptides ^
Ideal for: replenishing collagen lost with ageing and for giving strength to skin, hair & nails, bones, tendons, and blood vessels

VESIsorb Ubiquinol-QH

Ideal for: supporting heart function & energy production in over 50s, especially during statin use

Super B12-Complex vg

Ideal for: providing highly absorbable B12 in sublingual format to overcome poor gut absorption associated with older age

High Absorption Zinc Complex vg

Ideal for: topping up zinc levels which are often lower in the elderly due to decreased intake & absorption

vg certified vegan

^ Vegan alternative available

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