Wellbeing webinar series

Discover the basics of a healthy diet free online nutrition webinar

Confused about what to eat for better health? Dr Danielle Crida, trained medical doctor and nutritionist, will guide you through the basic ingredients of a nutritious and delicious diet. This short webinar will discuss how to build the foundations of your meals with macronutrients, and provide tips on how to ensure you are meeting your requirements for vitamins and minerals. We know getting started is the hard part, so we’ll provide a free editable shopping list and tips for a kitchen clear out to set you up for success. 

30 minutes, plus Q&A

nutritionists secrets for the new year free online nutrition webinar

Did you know that food storage and preparation can hugely affect its nutritional value? For example, the antioxidant capacity of blueberries actually increases with freezing, and letting crushed garlic rest for 10 minutes before cooking allows for the development of compounds with amazing health benefits. Want to know more? Learn the tricks of the trade for getting the most out of your food in this short webinar with nutritionist Dr Danielle Crida. 

20 minutes, plus Q&A