Children’s health: Clinical pearls on working with children’s nutrition

speaker: catherine jeans

date: november 21, 2016

Catherine Jeans has been working with children’s nutrition for the past six years, specialising in family health, including babies, toddlers and teens. Working with children presents various challenges as a nutritional practitioner – not only getting the child to jump on board with the changes, but as important, making sure the parents are able to motivate their child and make the time to help them prepare the right food. 


In this webinar, Catherine will go through: 

  • Logistical challenges – managing parents and their expectations, at what point to include children in consultations and how to talk to children about weight loss, digestive health and sugar
  • The realities of changing a child’s diet – what can you realistically achieve and how to motivate children to change
  • Case studies from babies to teens – Catherine will go through various case studies from her practice, including allergies, food intolerances, Coeliac disease, weight management and sugar addicts. 

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