speaker: Dr nina bailey

date: OCTOBER 23, 2017

Histamine intolerance (which can easily be mistaken for an IgE reaction) results from the imbalance of accumulated histamine and the capacity for histamine degradation. Symptoms of histamine intolerance are diverse in nature because histamine exerts its numerous biological reactions via 4 receptors, located on target cells in various tissues, with the severity of symptoms dependent on circulating histamine levels. The signs and symptoms of histamine intolerance can often be misinterpreted or simply go undetected in many individuals.

In this hour-long webinar, Dr Nina Bailey covers:

  •  The biological roles of histamine and how/why histamine intolerance arises
  • The signs and symptoms of histamine intolerance
  • High histamine foods/histamine liberators
  • Factors that can contribute to or exacerbate histamine intolerance
  • How to optimise your diet to reduce histamine reactions
  • Supporting nutrients/supplements for those with histamine intolerance 

…and more. 

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