Spotlight on bone health - optimising nutrient status

speaker: Dr Danielle Crida

date: January 23, 2020

Many clients take bone health for granted until they’re presented with a diagnosis of osteoporosis, often following a fracture. Whether your client is nutrient deficient, concerned about bone health, or diagnosed with a metabolic bone disease, adding the right nutrients to a protocol is paramount.

In her latest webinar, Dr Danielle Crida discusses: 


  • The importance of bone health
  • Consequences of low bone mineral density
  • The most important nutrients for bone health and their synergistic roles
  • Exercise and lifestyle choices for bone strength
  • Supplement and dosing recommendations, introducing our new Ca/Mg/D3/K2/Boron product  

Dr Danielle Crida outlines a clinical protocol to support autoimmune conditions
Dr Danielle Crida discusses the importance of bone health, as well as nutrients, exercise and lifestyle choices to support bone...
Dr Danielle Crida focuses on the important role magnesium plays in all stages of a woman’s life

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