Health coaching in practice: Helping clients set action steps and achieve goals

Speaker: Dr Danielle Crida

DATE: JUNE 6, 2019

As healthcare practitioners, diagnosing and giving expert advice is often the straightforward part of the job. Getting clients to implement your recommendations can be much more difficult. The reason is clear – information overload and hectic lifestyles make advice easy to access but challenging to put into practice. Too often clients get caught in the vicious circle of stress and health issues coupled with not making time for self-care and health-promoting practices. The best assessments, advice and supplements may be ineffective without consistent behaviour supporting nutrition, sleep, stress reduction and appropriate exercise, leading to unwell, unhappy clients and unfulfilled practitioners.In this webinar, Dr Danielle Crida will guide you through simple yet powerful steps and tools you can apply immediately, to help your clients set attainable health goals establish focus areas choose SMART action steps track achievements, fine-tune and build on action steps with the aim of achieving sustainable, long-term behaviour change for tangible client health benefits and practitioner success and fulfilment.

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