Magnesium – for energy, digestive complaints, structural support, insulin signalling, and so much more

speaker: Dr nina bailey

date: september 5, 2018

As natural healthcare practitioners, we all understand the pivotal and complex role that magnesium plays. Required for over 300 biochemical reactions and metabolic functions including cellular signalling, function & energy production, it is no surprise magnesium is one of the most used supplements in a clinician’s toolbox. 


Magnesium supplementation is, however, not as straightforward as we are led to believe. With considerations such as carrier, dose and bioavailability to consider, are we really doing clients (and magnesium) justice with a standard ‘go-to’ product? 


In this educational webinar, Dr Nina Bailey not only discusses magnesium in clinical practice but, importantly, also uncovers the perils and pitfalls of the magnesium supplement ‘scene’, in the quest to provide clinical excellence, and the important supplemental factors that must be considered to optimise magnesium status and provide clinical efficacy. 

Dr Bailey discusses: 


  • A brief overview of the clinical implications of magnesium deficiency
  • Magnesium in practice:

  1. Supporting digestive complaints and overcoming malabsorption
  2. The importance of magnesium for structural support
  3. Supporting energy levels and insulin sensitivity

  • How to ensure clinically effective dosing and supplementation 

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