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Igennus webedWebEd is the Igennus Healthcare Nutrition online health education platform exclusively for health professionals and interested retail staff.

We recognise that, due to the ever-increasing complexity of the field of nutrition, its evolving science and tightening regulation, it is very difficult to find reliable and clear information on the latest research and evidence to support a range of health conditions. Our highly qualified nutrition scientists have extensive clinical, research and academic experience. Each has a master’s degree in nutrition and, underpinning their experience and education, a strong belief in the pursuit of optimal health through nutrition and diet. It is our goal, through our comprehensive offering (regularly updated clinical nutrition literature, condition-specific brochures, online article bank and live webinar education series), to provide you with clear, concise and cutting edge science to help you stay on top of the latest evidence to support your therapies and professional development.

To find out more about each event, check the calendar or follow the links below, where you'll find a registration link too.

May 2017


Inflammation and oxidative stress: a clinical paradox

During this webinar, Sophie covers the double-edged sword of inflammation and oxidative stress as driving factors in chronic modern illness and why addressing these factors with nutritional intervention does not always produce the desired effects; it may even, in some cases, be harmful. Taking a personalised and functional medicine approach, […]

Filtering fish oil fact from fiction – what we know today about the what, when, why and how of omega-3 therapeutics

Nutrition science seems to change on an almost daily basis and much of what was previously considered mainstream or consensus science is being challenged and changed as the new wave of more personalised intervention trials start to clarify many of the reasons behind why nutrition study results can be so […]

Safe nutrition support for clients with Cancer

Working with clients with cancer can seem very daunting and overly complex, preventing many practitioners from getting involved with their support. In this webinar, Sophie draws on her experience as a cancer research lab scientist, and clinical experience of working with cancer patients, to help you gain confidence in implementing […]

Preconception to post-natal health: case studies and clinical pearls, with guest speaker Catherine Jeans

This webinar will give you an interesting insight into the practicalities of working with women and couples as they go through their fertility journey, from pre-conception, through to pregnancy and post-natal recovery. Catherine presents this online lecture through the use of key case studies, highlighting: • The importance of supporting […]

The many faces of inflammation: nutritional protocols for supporting inflammation-based illness

During this webinar, Dr Bailey will provide an update on current research into the systems and pathways that contribute to inflammatory illness onset and progression and provides you with practical solutions to support your clients with chronic inflammatory health conditions. Covering the latest applied nutrition science, she will review what […]

The role of diet in managing ADHD

The role of diet in managing immune dysfunction and inflammatory processes that contribute to ADHD and related neurodevelopmental disorders ADHD is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterised by lack of attention, impulsiveness, and hyperactivity. Its cause is considered to be multifactorial, involving a combination of genetics, perinatal factors (e.g., low birth weight, […]

Nutritional immunology, with Professor Philip Calder

Nutritional immunology is a fascinating but highly complex and conflicted subject area. With almost every nutrient we consume having the ability to affect our immune response in one way or another and the activation of the immune system dramatically increasing nutrient requirements, understanding the genetic, cellular and metabolic mechanisms that […]

Interpreting negative research – a practitioner toolkit for clinical success

During this webinar Sophie Tully BSc MSc DipPT will discuss why nutrition research often fails to produce positive results and the methodological flaws that contribute to poor research outcomes. Sophie will provide a detailed explanation of what we can learn from the recent wave of negative nutrition research and how to carefully consider and determine the right […]

Advanced nutrition for the brain series: stress, the HPA-axis and neuroinflammation

Advanced nutrition for the brain series: stress, the HPA-axis and neuroinflammation. Targeted nutritional interventions for successful treatment of mental health conditions. Inflammation is a major contributing factor to chronic modern illness and is driven, in part, by chronic stress and HPA-axis over stimulation. Mental health conditions, in particular clinical depression, […]

Brain boosting bio-actives: what really works?

Following the launch of the Igennus MindCare range, Sophie kicks off our in-depth advanced nutrition for the brain education series by taking a look at the current research into various different brain boosting nutrients and explaining why we chose the specific formulations and doses used in MindCare. Covering everything from […]